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The Income Tax Department NEVER asks for your PIN numbers, passwords or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts through e-mail.

The Income Tax Department appeals to taxpayers NOT to respond to such e-mails and NOT to share information relating to their credit card, bank and other financial accounts.

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TIN Facilitation Centre Locator8455911/4/2022 12:36:22 PMActivities carried out by TIN Facilitation Centres Cum PAN Centres are •  Receive Annual Information Returns from filers and upload them to the TIN central system 36343
Clarification regarding TDS Certificates175159/16/2014 7:10:43 AMsub-section (3) of section 200 as provided by TIN Facilitation Centre or NSDL website No. which he has been provided with by the TIN Facilitation Centre or NSDL website Releases/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalsePress Release2007-04-24T18:30:00.0000000Z
PAN - TPI - 2012197088/23/2012 7:14:51 AMBOOKLET ON PERMANENT ACCOUNT NUMBER (PAN)BOOKLET ON PERMANENT ACCOUNT NUMBER (PAN) BY NEERAJ KUMAR, IRS Addl Commissioner of Income-tax INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT Directorate of 1049 Pamphlets/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdfBooklete1af5c4d-1048-48d7-8520-64eb07daf0716a70a4758-4931-403d-8a28-e1255b78386d
e-Services1362411/29/2015 9:29:19 AMStatus of Tax Refund TIN Facilitation Centers Locator Locate TRP ​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​ Outstanding 3265877
Notification No. 10/20192712916/6/2019 7:29:13 AMof e-TDSfTCS returns through e-filing portal or submission at TIN Facilitation Centres to validate the Statements can be downloaded from the tin·nsdl website (httos:/Iv1Iww. 117|200|2019-06-03T18:30:00.0000000Z2019Notification No. 10/20198f5119bc-7835-4673-bf0f-3474ae9bd9c612114a70a4758-4931-403d-8a28-e1255b78386d
e-brochure343305/2/2005 7:14:12 AMGovernment of India has chalked out the to the website of Tax Information Network (TIN) at enter the Challan Identification Call centre for grievance www.tin.nsdl 1958
49B4160283/16/2005 6:25:49 AMForm No. 49B [See section 203A and rule 114A] Form of application for allotment is unable to determine the details, TIN Facilitation Centre (TIN-FC) may assist it in doing so. (f 1123 TutorialpdfFalsepdfOthers6da74bef-4aea-484a-a870-02587928d7dc267a70a4758-4931-403d-8a28-e1255b78386d
Circular 8/201323312510/11/2013 12:14:49 PMNew Delhi, dated the 10 th October, 2013 SUBJECT: INCOME-TAX DEDUCTION FROM SALARIES DURING THE FINANCIAL YEAR 2013-14 UNDER SECTION 192 OF THE INCOME-TAX ACT, 1961 607|192|2013-10-09T18:30:00.0000000Z2013Circular 8/20138f5119bc-7835-4673-bf0f-3474ae9bd9c661a70a4758-4931-403d-8a28-e1255b78386d
Circular No. 4/20202348651/16/2020 7:32:00 AMGOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF FINANCE (DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE DEDUCTION OF TAX AT SOURCE- INCOME-TAX DEDUCTION FROM SALARIES UNDER SECTION 192 OF THE INCOME-TAX ACT, 1961 DURING 11015|192|2020-01-15T22:30:00.0000000Z2020Circular No. 4/20208f5119bc-7835-4673-bf0f-3474ae9bd9c612217a70a4758-4931-403d-8a28-e1255b78386d
T.D.S. on Salaries - 2013197065/20/2014 4:03:53 PMINCOME TAX DEPARTMENT Directorate of Income Tax (PR, PP & OL) 6 th Floor, Mayur Bhawan, Connaught Circus New Delhi-110001 TDS ON SALARIES Tax Payers Information Series - 35PREFACE 67213 Pamphlets/Forms/AllItems.aspxpdfFalsepdfBooklete1af5c4d-1048-48d7-8520-64eb07daf07117a70a4758-4931-403d-8a28-e1255b78386d