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The Income Tax Department NEVER asks for your PIN numbers, passwords or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts through e-mail.

The Income Tax Department appeals to taxpayers NOT to respond to such e-mails and NOT to share information relating to their credit card, bank and other financial accounts.

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Amendment of section 115QA8064109/25/2021 4:44:36 AMIn section 115QA of the Income-tax Act, in sub-section (1), the brackets and words "(not 13 Acts/2019_2htmlFalsehtmActFinance Acts36CHAPTER IIIDIRECT TAXES2019 (No. 2){13896cd1-2b32-4ec2-8593-d8603ef8120d}61096e93ecc72-db73-4be0-b379-9d56639c4ed8
Draft Rules for prescribing the manner of determination of amount received by the company in respect of share - section 115QA of the Income-tax Act, 19611156047/25/2016 12:52:17 PMNew Delhi, Dated 25 th July, 2016 The distributed income was defined to be the consideration paid by the company on buy back of shares as reduced by the amount which was received 3{d314f41b-9f7e-47e9-8dec-841d42e3c73c}135e93ecc72-db73-4be0-b379-9d56639c4ed8
Amendment of section 115QA7900287/19/2021 9:51:47 PM167 Laws (Amendment) Act, 2019unknownFalsehtmActTaxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 20198CHAPTER IIAMENDMENTS IN THE INCOME-TAX ACT, 1961{13896cd1-2b32-4ec2-8593-d8603ef8120d}62085e93ecc72-db73-4be0-b379-9d56639c4ed8
Tax free incomes99832 Section 10 gives list of incomes which are exempt from tax. In this part you can gain knowledge about various incomes which are exempt from tax under section 10. 5/3/2021 5:34:09 PM[A s amended by Finance A ct, 2021] TAX-FREE INCOMES Agricultural Income [Section 10(1)] As per section 10(1), agricultural income earned by the taxpayer in India is exempt from 10845{903058ee-bf1e-4514-bbd4-e628472da78b}135e93ecc72-db73-4be0-b379-9d56639c4ed8
Amendment of section 115QA8066687/19/2021 12:54:47 PM51 Acts/2016unknownFalsehtmActFinance Acts58CHAPTER IIIDIRECT TAXES2016{13896cd1-2b32-4ec2-8593-d8603ef8120d}56004e93ecc72-db73-4be0-b379-9d56639c4ed8
Periods of limitation under the Income-tax Law99863 In this part you can gain knowledge about period of limitation prescribed under the Income-tax Law. 5/3/2021 5:39:26 PM[A s amended by Finance A ct, 2021] Period of limitation prescribed under the Income-tax Act The Income-tax Act has prescribed time limit in respect of various procedures 1061{903058ee-bf1e-4514-bbd4-e628472da78b}132e93ecc72-db73-4be0-b379-9d56639c4ed8
Limitation periods36095 ​Income-tax Act provides various due dates and limitation periods for various compliances. The document will help you to know beforehand the upcoming compliances, so that you can make hassle free compliances with all provisions.7/12/2021 6:00:08 AMSection Nature of compliance Limitation of time Within 2 months from the end of each financial year 9A(5) Section 9A provides that fund management activity carried out by an 9928 Tables/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalsehtmCharts & Tables{26b89a4f-398f-430e-bccf-2f9843f0620c}35e93ecc72-db73-4be0-b379-9d56639c4ed8
? Treatment of income from different sources 36105Each income has different source of earning and so the provisions for its taxability. Income-tax Act provides for five heads of incomes for computation of taxable income, viz., Salary, Income from House Property, Income from Business or Profession, Capital Gain and Residual Income. Provisions contained under each head of income for computation of taxable income have been discussed in this document.7/12/2021 6:00:10 AMI. Income under the head Salaries e) Fees, Commission, Perquisites, Profits in lieu of or in addition to Salary or Wages h) Annual accretion to the balance of Recognized Provident 14997 Tables/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalsehtmCharts & Tables{26b89a4f-398f-430e-bccf-2f9843f0620c}61e93ecc72-db73-4be0-b379-9d56639c4ed8
Finance Act, 20201157023/27/2020 5:17:09 PMTHE FINANCE ACT, 2020 NO. 12 OF 2020 [27th March, 2020 An Act to give effect to the financial proposals of the Central Government for the financial year 2020-2021 1068{d314f41b-9f7e-47e9-8dec-841d42e3c73c}321e93ecc72-db73-4be0-b379-9d56639c4ed8
Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 201999965/14/2020 5:47:49 AMThe Income Tax Department NEVER asks for your PIN numbers, passwords or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts Amendment of section 115QA 777 Laws (Amendment) Act, 2019{5d5a1cf6-fa5e-49b7-aa9b-bf6d76dfeca1}875e93ecc72-db73-4be0-b379-9d56639c4ed8