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Taxability of Perquisites (Theory)​679348In this part you can gain knowledge about the provisions to be kept in mind while ascertaining the taxable value of various perquisites provided by the employer to his employee. ​9/8/2014 7:51:08 PMIn general perquisite means any benefit If an employer is providing any perquisite to his employee, then the value of that perquisite should be computed in the manner prescribed 67{903058ee-bf1e-4514-bbd4-e628472da78b}831d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
Taxability of Perquisites (Practical)​679347In this part you can gain practical knowledge about the provisions to be kept in mind while ascertaining the taxable value of various perquisites provided by the employer to his employee. ​​9/8/2014 7:51:05 PMWhat will be the taxable value of perquisite arising in the hands of Mr.Sunil in respect The value of perquisite will be computed on the basis of population of the city in which 65{903058ee-bf1e-4514-bbd4-e628472da78b}821d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
Valuation of perquisites7545767/16/2014 8:40:06 PMthe accommodation at the other place, the value of perquisite shall not exceeding 90 days and thereafter the value of perquisite shall be charged for both such accommodations 1050 RuleshtmlFalsehtmRuleIncome-tax Rules{f5d01c93-5528-4be1-b341-5dc3e9647425}8931d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c;Club facilities;Credit card facility;Domestic servant;Education;Free food, etc.;Gas/electricity;Gifts;Holiday tour;Interest free loans;Motor-car allowance;Movable assets;Perquisite;Residential accommodation;Salary;Sweeper/Gardener;Transport facility
Statement showing particulars of perquisites, other fringe benefits or amenities and profits in lieu of salary with value thereof8306293/16/2015 9:48:46 PMyear : 8. Valuation of Perquisites : S. No. Nature of perquisites (see rule 3) Value of perquisite as per rules (Rs Total value of perquisites 19 612 RulespdfFalsepdfFormIncome-tax Rules12BA{9cb610e6-fe06-4f0f-a1f8-6be8abb7512c}1381d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
​ Treatment of income from different sources 8330526/15/2017 8:29:56 AME. Arrear of Salary and relief Any allowance or perquisite paid or allowed by Government to its employees (an Indian b) Value of conveyance facilities including transport allowance 858 MenuhtmlFalsehtmOthers{6da74bef-4aea-484a-a870-02587928d7dc}4271d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
Form for furnishing details of income u/s 192(2) for the year ending 31st March,....8306283/16/2015 9:48:16 PMParticulars of value of perquisites and amount of accretion to employee's provident fund Value of rent-free accommodation or value of any concession in rent for the accommodation 690 RulespdfFalsepdfFormIncome-tax Rules12B{9cb610e6-fe06-4f0f-a1f8-6be8abb7512c}1371d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
Exemption of medical benefits from perquisite value in respect of medical treatment of prescribed diseases or ailments in hospitals approved by the Chief Commissioner7545777/16/2014 8:41:23 PM(i)   The building used for the hospital complies with the municipal bye-laws in force (ii)   The rooms are well ventilated, lighted and are kept in clean and hygienic conditions 155 RuleshtmlFalsehtmRuleIncome-tax Rules{f5d01c93-5528-4be1-b341-5dc3e9647425}9281d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c treatment;Perquisite;Salary
RULES FOR DETERMINING THE VALUE OF ASSETS8546347/19/2014 8:59:28 AMafter the 31st day of March, 1974, if the value so arrived at is lower than the cost of proviso shall not apply for determining the value of one house belonging to the assessee 46 Act, 1957htmlFalsehtmActWealth-Tax Act, 1957Schedule IIIEMPTYEMPTY{13896cd1-2b32-4ec2-8593-d8603ef8120d}327091d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
"Salary", "perquisite" and "profits in lieu of salary" defined11885054/7/2017 3:40:49 PMby such Government as increased by the value of furniture and fixtures in respect of the (d) value of the perquisites specified in this clause 8 Act, 1961/2017htmlFalsehtmActIncome-tax Act, 196117CHAPTER IVComputation of total income2017{13896cd1-2b32-4ec2-8593-d8603ef8120d}573001d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
Certificate under section 203 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 for tax deducted at source on salary8306392/5/2016 11:23:45 AMFORM NO. 16 [See rule 31(1)(a)] PART A Certificate under section 203 of the Inc ome-tax Act, 1961 (b) Value of perquisites u/s 17(2) (as per Form No.12BA, wherever applicable) Rs 46035 RulespdfFalsepdfFormIncome-tax Rules16{9cb610e6-fe06-4f0f-a1f8-6be8abb7512c}1481d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c