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The Income Tax Department NEVER asks for your PIN numbers, passwords or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts through e-mail.

The Income Tax Department appeals to taxpayers NOT to respond to such e-mails and NOT to share information relating to their credit card, bank and other financial accounts.

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Status of Tax Refund7556327/7/2017 8:16:34 AM537041{5d5a1cf6-fa5e-49b7-aa9b-bf6d76dfeca1}5981d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
Tax Laws & Rules > Acts > Income-tax Act, 19617550139/4/2014 6:31:02 AM2487079 Act, 1961{5d5a1cf6-fa5e-49b7-aa9b-bf6d76dfeca1}2691d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
Tax Charts & Tables6761119/12/2014 1:10:55 PM106761{5d5a1cf6-fa5e-49b7-aa9b-bf6d76dfeca1}4351d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
Notification No. 1/2017 [F. No. V.-27015/6/2016-SO (NAT.COM)] / SO 160(E)172595/21/2018 4:25:05 PM1159 No. 1/2017 [F. No. V.-27015/6/2016-SO (NAT.COM)] / SO 160(E){8f5119bc-7835-4673-bf0f-3474ae9bd9c6}119031d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
Prescribed conditions for the purposes of sub-clause (iii) of clause (B) of sub-section (2) of section 115WB7547837/5/2018 5:27:02 AM RuleshtmlFalsehtmRuleIncome-tax Rules{f5d01c93-5528-4be1-b341-5dc3e9647425}9361d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
Downloads > Income Tax Forms7550994/17/2018 6:04:24 AM667486{5d5a1cf6-fa5e-49b7-aa9b-bf6d76dfeca1}5121d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)67612211/27/2017 8:07:12 AM534535{5d5a1cf6-fa5e-49b7-aa9b-bf6d76dfeca1}6301d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
Employees: Benefits allowable678089Salaried persons constitute a large chunk of total taxpayers in India and their contribution to total tax collection is substantial. The document includes brief introduction and tax treatment of various allowances and perquisites available to an employee, inter-alia, house rent allowance, gratuity, provident fund and so forth.7/5/2018 6:04:27 AM94699 Tables/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalsehtmCharts & Tables{26b89a4f-398f-430e-bccf-2f9843f0620c}571d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
Press release regarding extension of date for filing of Income tax returns and tax audit reports to 31st October 201571170610/1/2015 11:56:12 AM393{d314f41b-9f7e-47e9-8dec-841d42e3c73c}831d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c
Cost-Inflation-Index678082Indexation benefit is available for calculating Gains arising on transfer of Long Term Capital Assets. The chart contains all the notified cost inflation indices for calculation of Capital Gains6/15/2018 7:53:57 AM252264 Tables/Forms/AllItems.aspxhtmlFalsehtmCharts & Tables{26b89a4f-398f-430e-bccf-2f9843f0620c}631d5e35f4-95b1-4705-ad33-f92c024fd01c